Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Windows Server hosting

Using the right server for your web hosting needs is imperative for the success of your website. This means that you need to make the right choice in picking out which server you need to host your site. Making the right choice does not only mean picking out a better looking ad and a better sounding name but entails weighing the benefits that your host offers and the drawbacks it brings along.

One option that you may choose to host your website is the Windows Server. It is developed by Microsoft and has recently released Windows Server 2012, otherwise known as the Server 8.

What are the basic features of Windows Server?

Windows Server 8 powers all Windows Web and VPS hosting plans around the net. Together with IIS 7.0, Windows Server provides an easy-to-manage, and security enhanced platform for web hosting services and applications.

Windows Server also features the ASP.NET technology which is a .NET framework based program that allows developers create dynamic web applications. It can also be used to create just about anything, from the large enterprise-class web applications to the smallest, personal websites.
The .NET 4.0 also features the ASP.NET AJAX which allows for the creation of the Web 2.0 and other next generation interfaces with reusable AJAX components. This technology also helps enhance existing pages with better and more powerful controls for all modern browsers as well as access remote services and data from any browser without the need for a voluminous complicated script.

What is IIS 7.0 and what is it for?

Internet Information Service 7.0 or IIS 7.0 is a software that is designed to help website developers in the simplification of the process of developing, deploying and configuring web applications and services

What benefits should I get from using Windows Server hosting?

If you use a Windows Server, you should be able to receive and enjoy the following benefits: